No Other Savior

Today’s Reading – Hosea 13-14

Yet I am Jehovah thy God from the land of Egypt; and thou shalt know no god but me, and besides me there is no saviour. (Hosea 13:4 ASV)

Hosea concludes his book with today’s reading. In these last two chapters, he reminds them of their sin that got them to this point and that only God can restore them. There is no God but Jehovah and only He is to be worshipped and He is the only Saviour.

Application to me – Who are the other ‘saviours’ in my life? Could it be a credit card when I need money? Could it be someone I call when I need help? This question came to mind today as I read this verse. There is nothing wrong with receiving help from others but it can be a trap. If I trust in other things so much I tend to be drawn away from depending on God and spending time with Him.

Warren Weeks – November 27, 2013


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