You Can’t Know Everything

Today’s Reading – Ecclesiastes 7-8

In my search for wisdom and in my observation of people’s burdens here on earth, I discovered that there is ceaseless activity, day and night. I realized that no one can discover everything God is doing under the sun. Not even the wisest people discover everything, no matter what they claim. (Ecclesiastes 8:16, 17 NLT)

Did you ever know someone who could do anything? They could fix a car, grow a garden, repair anything on their house. It just seems like some people know how to do everything. These verses tell us that no one knows everything God is doing. God is always at work. Because He sees to eternity and we do not.

Application to me – Henry Blackaby tells us to see where Go is at work and join Him there. Today, I am going to see where God is at work around me and see how I can join His work.

Warren Weeks – July 27, 2013


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