Esther’s People Are Saved

Today’s Reading – Esther 7-8

“The king’s decree gave the Jews in every city authority to unite to defend their lives. They were allowed to kill, slaughter, and annihilate anyone of any nationality or province who might attack them or their children and wives, and to take the property of their enemies.” (Es 8:11 NLT)

Esther wins the right for the Jews to defend themselves against their enemies. Haman is killed. What he planned to do to Mordecai winds up being done to him. A great reversal of fortunes. We see the fulfillment of God’s plan to save the people.

Application to me – Hate never leads to anything good as Haman finds out. Esther was used by God to bring deliverance to her people. She stuck with it in the face of fear. I need to remember to face my fears when they come and trust in God’s care and timing. The real question then becomes “am I in God’s will for my life this day?” A question we need to be always asking.

Warren Weeks – March 11, 2013



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