Such A Sad Ending

Today’s Reading – 2 Chronicles 35-36

“The LORD, the God of their ancestors, repeatedly sent his prophets to warn them, for he had compassion on his people and his Temple. But the people mocked these messengers of God and despised their words. They scoffed at the prophets until the LORD’s anger could no longer be restrained and nothing could be done.” (2Ch 36:15-16 NLT)

What a sad commentary for God’s people. All they had to do was obey the things God had asked them to do. They could have lived in His protection and provision for the rest of their lives. But they thought they knew a better way and did not like the restraint of following God’s laws. I am glad I am not like that! Yeah, right. It is our story as well. We are just like them.

A few observations from these chapters. 1 – Notice how quickly things change from a good king Josiah to going back to idol worship. Leadership does matter. 2 – God gave them so much time to repent. He let it go on as long as He could out of compassion for them. We sometimes think God is too tough for His judgment, but it always comes after many opportunites for repentance. 3 – The book does not end on such a sad note but offers hope in the King Cyrus of Persia and the fulfillment of the seventy years of judgment.

Application to me – Things in our lives can change so quickly. We can go from feeling so close to the Lord to sin so quickly. I need to be always aware of how sin can come so quickly into my life. It takes diligence and an awareness of what we are capable of all the time to stay away from temptation. Also, there is a time of judgment when we don’t listen to the things of God. He offers His voice in many ways to us if we will listen.

Warren Weeks – Feburary 20, 2013


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