Avoiding the Trap of Self

Today’s Reading – 2 Kings 19-20

Yesterday, we saw that Hezekiah was the best king of Judah. Yet, in today’s reading, we see that he is more concerned about himself than others. God grants him another 15 years to live and heals him of his sickness. Hezekiah makes the mistake of showing all of his possessions to the Babalonian visitors. The Lord tells him that everything in the palace will be taken away including your descendants. Hezekiah is only concerned about the peace and security in his lifetime. (20:9)

Application – What if you were told you had  15 years left? How would you invest your time? I hope that I would invest it in the lives of others preparing for my departure. Share my faith in Christ with as many as possible. We are not like Hezekiah. We do not know how much time we have left. Therefore, I need to investing in others.


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