Jehu follows God’s Command, Almost.

Today’s Reading – 2 Kings  9 and 10

Jehu is told that God wants him to destroy the house Ahab leaving him no descendants. Jehu does just that in the following verses of chapter 9 on into chapter 10. He destroys all the priests of Baal effectively wiping out its influence in Israel. But verse 31 is a sober reminder that God requires our total heart and obedience. “Yet Jehu was not careful to keep the law of the Lord, the God of Israel, with all his heart.” Jehu turned away from God by allowing the other foreign gods to remain in Israel. Why didn’t Jehu realize that the other gods were a bad influence as well? The application to me is to not think just because I am obedient in a few areas of my life that God does not need to be obedient in every area. I can’t let sin creep into my life but must be careful to stay aware of its influence.

Warren Weeks 1/3/2013


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